Frquently Asked Questions


How do I submit a question for the podcast?

Click on the contact us button to send your internship related question. For early bird access to info on the podcast and new InternCLE offerings, subscribe up on the home page.  


How big a company do you have to be, to have an internship program?

Some of the smallest most entrepreneurial companies are the best places to find internships.   You don't have to be a big company, with deep pockets to provide valuable learning opportunities for students.  Contact us to learn more about starting small and creating an amazing internship experience. 


I am a student, why should I subscribe or listen to your podcast?

This is all for you! InternCLE is focused on creating more opportunities for people just like you.  Our podcast provides info on real Cleveland companies and their internship programs.  We talk about events in Cleveland to network or find opportunities.  We also think having some students share what they loved or would like to have changed about their internship program will benefit everyone involved.  Subscribe  or go here to listen to the podcast.   Email with the questions you would like to have employers answer. 


I need an internship, can you help me find a job?

InternCLE is not in the business of matching students with companies at this time.  We know there are plenty of great resources to help you find your next gig.  Tune into the podcast to learn about local internships.  Check your college job board for job postings, ask your professors for referrals, go to the website of the companies you are interested in and try NOCHE's NEO Talent Exchange.