About Us


Who is InternCLE

InternCLE is the brain child of Annette Kramer, Director of Operations at Vizion360 (also known as Vizion Solutions).  Since 2013, Vizion's internship program has created opportunities for young students in the IT space.  Annette created the program as a talent pipeline for the company.  The Connect! internship went on to win several NOCHE The EXPYS awards.   

The owl in our logo is both a map point and an owl.  This quirky little guy represents our mission: InternCLE hopes to help Cleveland become a destination for learning and career development by increasing the quality and quantity of internships in the region. 


Why InternCLE

Annette has a passion for the city of Cleveland.  Her experience networking with other HR professionals, to create an award winning internship program was the catalyst to the creation of InternCLE.  Vizion360 is a small company, that has seen growth due to its internship program.  InternCLE would like more companies in Cleveland to see how beneficial an internship program can be.  


What to expect from InternCLE

To begin, InternCLE is a passion project, not a full time gig.  The hope is to partner with other great Northeast Ohio organizations to further the mission of InternCLE.  The InternCLE podcast allows Cleveland professionals and students to share knowledge and build a community.  A natural extension will be for Annette to share her knowledge to groups and companies to help advance the goal of creating more internships in the region, through consulting and speaking engagements.